Human AI Psychotherapy

Powerful, Simple, Beautiful

Ensuring that everyone gets access to better mental health – free at the point of delivery.

Human AI Psychotherapy

Human AI is the science behind a therapist for everyone in the world.

AI Psychotherapy is the next-generation evolution of app-based mental health support.   

The continual rise in poor mental health is compounded by ever-decreasing access to resources.

There are too many reactive solutions that focus on symptomatic relief (e.g., CBT, Mindfulness and Meditation).  It is time to access a personalised program that dynamically adapts to your needs and preferences.

  • Personalised therapist that operates offline, ensuring total privacy
  • Clinically-recognised baseline assessments to determine anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, and more
  • Track levels of improvement
  • Unlimited person-centred psychotherapy to help unlock and explore your thinking
  • Personal journals to gather your thoughts and clear your head
  • Use Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) where your insights help inform ongoing conversations and therapy

What are the benefits?

Our Human AI Psychotherapy technology is accessible via charities and employers.  It is designed to help you improve your mental health in various ways.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing mood, self-esteem and happiness
  • Increasing resilience, optimism and hope
  • Boosting productivity, creativity and focus
  • Improving relationships, communication and social skills
  • Developing healthy habits and routines
  • Achieving personal growth and fulfilment


How can I get started?

Join our early adopter program to being trialling our Human AI Psychotherapist.

Who we work with


Branded AI Psychotherapist providing mental health assessment and support to mental health charities addressing anxiety, PTSD, depression and suicide prevention.


Unlimited confidential assessment and support to employees, family members and subcontractors in Bluelight+ organisations.

Working with police, fire & rescue, ambulance services, UK NHS, prison & probation services, and military personnel.  

Small Enterprises

Unlimited confidential mental health assessment and support for SME employees and small teams in larger organisations.


Unlimited confidential assessment and support to employees, family members and subcontractors in larger organisations.

Multi-lingual, cross-border capability with high data sovereignty.  

Machine-speed analysis and insights.

Like to talk about how easy it is to implement your own AI Psychotherapist?

Provide access to unlimited mental health assessment and therapy for every stakeholder.

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